American owned and operated, The Personal Mobility Scooter (PMS) was started in 2014 by friend’s and entrepreneur’s from Malibu, California, New York, NY, and Kauai, Hawaii who all shared the same unique vision – to deliver the World’s best hoverboard technology to the masses – at the best prices!

As the new recognized leaders of hoverboards and online hoverboard technology, sales and distribution, The Personal Mobility Scooter (PMS) really started to take-off and gain its global prominence with the birth of their online store during what is now considered the “golden age” of hoverboard sales during the Christmas holiday buying season rush of 2015. The plethora of television and media interviews that season put The Personal Mobility Scooter (PMS) store on the map and both the owners of The Personal Mobility Scooter (PMS) and their loyal fans and consumers have not looked back since.

  • All orders are shipped from the United States.

  • Satisfaction for all our riders and customers is guaranteed!

  • If you and/or your company or retail store would like more information on how to supply the product line available at The Personal Mobility Scooter (PMS) store, please contact our sales department directly via email.

US Sales Division (Los Angeles, California)


European Sales (Frankfurt, Germany)


Middle East Sales (Tel Aviv)


For all other Sales and Media inquiries:



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